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Traded in 2004 LTD for 2015 XLE premium logo 3/23/2015 seeingsienna

The old van had 154,000 + miles and served our family for over 10 years with safety, luxury and comfort. Despite that I am impressed with how the new model looks, drives and feels so much more solidly. The XLE Premium has most of the features we want and omits many that we had but never found useful. The current LTD does not warrant a nearly 10 K upcharge. I read extensively about vehicle reviews over many years and can say the Oddy and Sedona rate highly but for us the Sienna fits our needs. We sat in all 3 at the car show for comparison and several family members who own Siennas and Oddys. Both are excellent vehicles with smooth rides. Its a personal choice.

Favorite Feature : The new dash layout and nav system are terrific. The brakes feel very firm and the ride is very hushed and serene. Handling is greatly improved even compared to when our van was new. Passenger space is fantastic as our passengers are now adults. The sliding second row is very handy. We almost skipped out on the RES but marvel at the size and flexibility of the screen. Lastly, we value the reliability of the Sienna and couldn't be more pleased with our last purchase.

Suggested Improvement : I wish the cruise control could actually work from 0 MPH for more urban driving, and offer adaptive cruise on the lower trims as an option. Perhaps self parking will be offered as well. I waited years to see an offering of a full or even a mild hybrid to automatically shut and restart the engine as a way to save energy at lights in urban and suburban settings. Here is to hoping the engineers will find a way to make it work so the business folks can no longer justify not building it.

Average Rating : 4.875


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