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Traded Mustang for an SUV, and not disappointed logo 9/2/2015 D. D.

What? Traded in a Mustang for an SUV and not disappointed? How can that be you ask? Well first off you can't compare the two, one is pure American muscle rumbling down the highway sucking down gas blowing the doors off other cars. Will it beat a Mustang off the line? Uh no, of course not. Is it as flashy and eye catching as the Mustang? Again no. Are strangers going to come up to me at the gas station and tell me how much they like my car, eh probably not.So why am I so happy with my Tuscon? Three reasons, performance, convenience, and size. I'm sure it's also a lot safer than my old Mustang but let's focus on those other three.In terms of performance, as I said it's not a Mustang. It's an SUV. The Tuscon is a peppy little guy, the 1.6L Turbo is a huge difference over the 2.4L non-Turbo in the base model. Put it in sport mode and it can really get up and go. Gets up to freeway speeds just fine, has no trouble at all. Haven't really used the eco mode, I tend to keep it in normal or in Sport when I want a little extra zest. The 7 speed automatic manual transmission deal they got going on is really nice. Much better than the CVT stuff other manufacturers are using. It's a new trans so hopefully it holds up to the test of time. That's where the warranty comes in, if it has problems I'm covered for 100,000 miles.Now when it comes to convenience, you get all the gadgets and gizmos you would expect on a 2016, and with Hyundai you get a lot more than others. Bluetooth, touch screen radio, back up camera, all standard on the Eco (the middle tier trim level). The controls are all right there on the steering wheel and it is all intuitive. No need to read the manual to figure out what things do.So what about size? I'm not a small guy (6 foot and weigh more than I should). I fit just fine. Plenty of room to drive in comfort. I haven't really sat in the back seat, but that's for the kids so who cares. Speaking of the kids, they really like how the back seats actually recline a bit. Something our Kia does not do. And while talking about the Kia there is definitely more cargo room in the back than in my Sportage. The best thing about size, is the overall size. It's not a huge SUV. It drives like a car, and parks like one but there is still room for a family of 4 and our giant dog to ride in the very back.

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