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Traded my 2014 Lexus IS for a 2015 Camty Xle logo 8/23/2015 steve w

I decided my Lexus IS was not a very practical for my current needs. I was planning on getting a Camry XSE V6 to replace the IS.After driving the XSE, I felt the ride was a little too harsh, so I drove the XLE V6. It rode great, and was very quick, but the dealer suggested that I try the 4 as well. I was very greatful that he suggested that, because although the 4 is not nearly as quick as the 6, it was actually .2 seconds faster 0 to 60 than the IS I was replacing. I currently have lees than 2,000 miles on the Camry, but love it so far. We drove to Colorado from Wisconsin and got over 34mpg even though a lot of the trip has speed limits of 70 or 75 mph.The Camry is smooth, quiet, and very comfortable. It has plenty of cargo space, and the back seat is very roomy. I plan on taking a lot of road trips in the Camry and know I can do it with complete confidence and total comfort.

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