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Trading in logo 8/24/2015

I got a letter for a blow out sale so I drove my Fiat to the dealership and I was fortunately able to get a new loan for a 500L. I got a great deal on the new car but the trade in on my 2012 Fiat Pop was really low due to issues pertaining to the clutch and the engine noise. After reading some other reviews I am apparently not the only one with these issues. Someone else had to get a new clutch under 40,000 and mine has only 34,000. Also another review complained about changing spark plugs and their costs at an early mileage. I just had to replace mine. The engine noise just got so loud in the last few months - out of nowhere. Service kept telling me it is a Fiat.? Again in another review the engine noise gave them a headache. Then there is the electrical. Tire monitor light went on after 15,000, some sort of electrical problem. I had the same problem mentioned in a review. I was constantly checking my air pressure. Service couldn't help. They just would check the air pressure and say it is fine. I had to replace both headlights at 34,000, also mentioned in another review and of course replacing the hub caps two or three times a year at $55.00 a piece. Hope I have better luck with the 500L. Risky getting another Fiat but financially I was stuck due to low trade in value.

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