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Trailhawk v6 logo 8/26/2015 Justin

I was reading the negative reviews and I completely sympathize with those that bought a lemon, however, I have to say that I couldn't be happier with my Jeep. This is the first Jeep my wife and I have owned and we absolutely love it. It's the perfect combination of utility, practicality, and outdoorsy fun for our small family and I regularly get 26 mpg on the highway. For a 4WD with skid plates that's not bad. We have luckily not been plaqued by any transmission or engine problems and have honestly nothing really negative to say about this little jeep other than the price is a bit steep in trailhawk clothes. It has had a couple of recalls and software updates but nothing that has yet rendered it to be a pain or a regret. After reading several unhappy reviews the common themes I've noticed are that the four cylinder models seem to leave more people unhappy than the the sixes and the more tech, the more trouble.

Average Rating : 5


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