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Transit problem logo 4/23/2015 seals1234

Our agency purchased four extended high roof 2015 transit vans. Two diesel and two ecoboost models. We are already having issues that ford has not wanted to deal with. One van has been towed to the dealership three weeks ago with 981 miles on its and we are still waiting for why it died in the middle of the road. All but one are having sliding door issue, wont shut,edge of door rubbing and removing paint from edge on side of van. Door is difficult to open on two of them. If your in the van their is no handle to pull to shut the doors. Going from cargo to passenger compartment you have to be a contortionist to get back in the seat. The are very comfortable to drive and work out of ovel all.

Favorite Feature : Nice to drive. Love all the compartments and space. Mpg is in the teens which is about average with everything utilitarian. Great power from all motors.

Suggested Improvement : Slider door needs refinement. Handles on inside of cargo doors in back. Access to drivers compartment like a spinter van with way more room to get in the saddle. Ford needs to pull in some delivery drivers for advice since engineers have no clue what that type of work is like.Transit is a great base but needs refinement in the working areas.

Average Rating : 3


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