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Transmission Broken at 2200 miles! Regret Buying! logo 7/28/2015 Disappointed Cherokee Owner

I deeply regret purchasing the V6 4x4 Trailhawk 2015 Jeep. After 2200 miles, the transmission is broken. While driving on the interstate the check engine light came on, so we exited the interstate. A service transmission message was displayed on the screen. Upon stopping at the exit ramp light, the car would not move forward, although it was in drive. The problem repeated again, one block away from the dealership where we took it for repair. The car simply stops in traffic with little to no warning. Prior to the sudden onset of this transmission problem, we had no issues with the vehicle. When we arrived at the dealership, they indicated it would be at least a week before the transmission techs could even look at the vehicle as there is a glut of service inventory for transmission repairs. After they look at the vehicle to get the specific failure code, we would then have to wait for our turn for repair as they are backlogged for transmission repairs. We asked that they call other dealerships and find out if they can service it sooner, and every dealership within 75 miles is booked out WEEK(S) ahead for transmission repairs. We looked up this model vehicle online and searched specifically for transmission failures, and our hearts sunk. Many (hundreds of people) claim to be having what appears to be the same issue at very similar mileage (less than 6500 miles) on the Cherokee 9 speed transmissions. We are disgusted with this purchase and the customer service we have experienced from Jeep. I emailed Chrysler, per the instructions in the owner's manual, and have not received a response. I have called the customer care department and have not received any support. Jeep will not give us a loaner vehicle to use while they repair our brand new Trailhawk with 2200 miles on it that we paid $41k for. I know these vehicles are visually appealing, have comfortable seating, have good acceleration and performance specs, but seriously, no car should have transmission failures at 2200 miles. If you are still considering purchasing this vehicle after reading my review, I strongly urge you to spend a few minutes on the web searching car complaint sites for issues with the Cherokee transmission. I deeply regret this purchase and would advise any friend or family member to purchase something different, based on this experience. We have been without our brand new Jeep for some time now, the dealer has not contacted us, Jeep has not responded to our inquiries, Chrysler has not responded, and there appears to be no end in sight. I would never purchase this vehicle again under any circumstance, despite how much we love the appearance and comfort.

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