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Transmission is a disappointment logo 4/6/2017 Mike Gordon

A decent car except for the Japanese automatic transmission. I owned a 2009 and 2015 Jetta TDI with the DSG transmission and am extremely disappointed with the transmission in the 2017 Passat SE. The upshift from 3 to 4 and the downshift from 5 to 4 are jerky and noisy, unlike the DSG transmission of my two previous Jettas. The transmission anomaly is noticeable when driving gently at the speed limits in small towns but not as bad when accelerating more aggressively when getting up to highway speed. I would not buy this car if you love the smoothness of the DSG transmission in prior VW models. None of the Passat SE models had DSG when I was buying and I did not notice the difference when test driving, so I bought the car assuming that the 6-speed automatic Japanese transmission would be OK. I was wrong. The other minor annoyance is this car does not have park assist (which I don't care about) but I frequently get a notification on the screen that there is no park assist. Why would I want to know this when I don't have it? I will be trading in this car when VW decides to add DSG to the Passat SE line. The only model that has DSG at this time is the gas guzzling Passat SEL and the tradeoff isn't worth paying royalties to oil companies that have inflated prices at a time of historically low demand for fuel.

Average Rating : 4


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