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Transmission negates the V6 logo 4/25/2016 indio82

I currently have an '06 TSX. It is still in great shape and handles great, but it is 10 years old and I'm looking for something with a little more power. So I've been eager for the TLX to come out. So I was severely disappointed when I test drove the V6 AWD version. The transmission completely neuters to V6 - seriously, it feels like a really under powered 4 cylinder. It has no power when you put the pedal down. It shifts just just when you think you are going to get in the power curve. My 4 cyl TSX feels more powerful than this V6. There is NO WAY I would want this driving in rush hour traffic, when you need the car to quickly react when trying pass or merge into highway traffic. The steering was...weird. I've test driven the Lexus IS 350 (V6) and the Volvo S60 (5 Cylinder turbo). They both had better throttle response and steering. The Volvo has less HP than the TLX per the numbers, but you wouldn't know it due to the TLX transmission. The cabin controls are overly complicated. Just because you can put everything on a touch screen, doesn't mean you should. I shouldn't have to sit with the "IT specialist" to learn how to adjust the cabin temp. The push button shifter was...odd. I guess you get used to it, but it would take a while - and I shouldn't have to put up with that learning curve. In summary: the transmission ruins the car, but the button shifter, steering, and overly complicated cabin/nav/radio controls don't lend itself to liking the car either. I rejected this car from my list.

Average Rating : 2


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