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Transmission! Transmission! Transmission! logo 8/11/2015

Hate the 9 speed transmission!!! As others have reported, the car shifts rough. I could manually shift better than this car. 1st to 2nd, 2nd to 3rd gears terrible jerking. At 40 MPH coasting down hill the transmission starts searching for a gear causing it to shift into neutral and when a gear is found the car surges forward. This also happens in stop and go traffic where the shifting can cause unexpected acceleration. (Several near accidents) Despite a recall the "Parking" gear doesn't always hold. You need to use the emergency brake to be safe. I've had the car into the shop 5 times in the past 10 months. Their answer to the problem, "We are working on it." Really? This is supposed to be a high-end luxury car? It won't be long before we start to hear about serious accidents caused by the uncontrolled shifting and acceleration.

Average Rating : 2


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