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Transmission went out at 60,400 miles! logo 9/8/2015 Tim

We've have had this car since new, and didn't have any issues until it was out of manufacturers warranty. While driving approximately 55mph the vehicle went into "limp mode" and told us to "pull over and safely exit the vehicle" (this was displayed on the dash). If I tried to put it in drive it would make a very hard jump, and would not accelerate. Upon contacting Kia I was told that there was no road side assistance because our car was out of warranty. So we loaded the vehicle up on my parents flat bed and hauled it to the dealership it was purchased from in Ocala, Fl (we were in Jax, Fl and insurance wouldn't transport it that far). Thank God for the extended warranty! Because after sitting in the dealership for over two weeks while they were "waiting to hear back from Korea, because we've never seen this problem" the car needed a new transmission and new electric motor. If we wouldn't have had the extended warranty I would have set the damn thing on fire because I can't imagine what the cost of that was (our repair bill did not give a price). On top of the transmission and electronic motor going out, the buttons to change the station on the steering wheel do not work properly, and the steering wheel itself is peeling apart. Front air damn fell off going down the road. According to Kia it was because my wife couldn't park, but I think it was never put on properly. Steering wheel makes a clicking noise if you barely turn it while the vehicle is stopped. I'm sure it will break while we're on the highway. Fit and finish are decent but the car does not live up to its price tag or its estimated fuel economy. Our warranty goes out at 100k so at that time we'll trade it in for $1,500 and put that towards a Honda.

Average Rating : 3


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