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Tried out 2 Ravs,but! logo 6/15/2016 Zorro

I just bought a new Rav4 today.ell,not 'new' but it has 12 k miles on it,To me? Thats new..Gotta tell you something very interesting tho.I tried out the first one,and LOVED it! The second one was exactly the same vehivcle,had 16k miles on it and cost about 800bucks less.However! The ride in the second one was awful! I could fee every bump and flaw in the road,and the steering was very loose.Told the salesperson,he said they would check it out.Seemed like a totally different vehicle! It was even the same color!!!! Strange how the same cars can be so different! Traded in my 08'Honda,and this Rav4 rides like a Cadillac!Hoping it lasts a long time,as car buying is exhausting!

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