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trust me don't buy one. I'm a professional driver logo 8/2/2015 mark lacroix

Let me first start off by saying I'm a professional truck driver for over 20 years I've owned my own trucks and I know how to get the most out of vehicles . This car has severe transmission problems. I naught a Ford focus 2013 to reduce fuel and to have a little fun in it. I put 122000 miles on it . Yes that wasn't a typo. 122,000 miles. Comuting to sanbernadino to hinckley daily 94 miles one way. First I experienced at around 80 thousand miles the computer module completely went out left me stranded in the middle of the dessert for hours. Towed it back. They fixed. 2nd time at 122 thousand going up the mountain towards big bear dam near killed me and 5 people behind me transmission said it was overheating and went to crawl mode and completely disengaged while cars behind me were spinning put to try to avoid me there was no turn out to get the car too. Finally got it back to dealer and same problem but this time that computer module actually prematurely wore out the clutch witch they wanted 1800 to fix the computer module was still under warranty but they would not fix clutch. I tied to trade it in they would only give me 2500 credit to the car. Yes you Hurd me write 2,500. they know that car is a pile [non-permissible content removed]!!! I had a 2003 ford ficus with 267,000 miles on it and it ran like a top same motor same clutch. Someone T boned it sadly. So I thought I would get same mileage out of new one. Another thing is suspension it wore out to quick and gave tires flat spots witch led to a bummpy ride. Please take it from me get rid of this car as fast as you can. There menu more problems with this car but I don't feel like writing a book about it.

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