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Try to find a better car logo 12/11/2016 AlanR

First and foremost; this is a Toyota built by Mazda in Mexico. That's a plus for value, performance, pricing and design. The pros are many and I'll list a few. The 6 speed manual transmission ranks with BMW for ease of shifting and overall responsiveness. The car handles as well or, probably, far better than any car in its class. Fuel economy is on the fringe of a hybrid. I get 32 to 35 in town and 44+ on the highway. You'll hear the car is sluggish on hills and while passing at high speeds. I can only believe comments like that are based on the automotive or not shifting at higher RPMs (3,200 to 3,600). If you shift at lower RPMs the car does not receive adequate torque and may seem sluggish. It's not. The car's safety features are first in its class and one can expect a five star crash rating. It comes with a myriad of standard features; many you'll pay more for in other cars in its class. The information system is easy to use and provides you a wide range of necessary information and entertainment features. I could add many more pros but choose to provide you with a few cons. This is a four seater. The center back seat is virtually useless. The car's digital tachometer, with its analogue design, is small and hard to read in direct sunlight. This is a minor issue because, with the manual transmission, it's a necessity. In the center of the tach you'll see two numbers; the gear you're in and the gear Toyota suggests you should be in. The suggested gear must be based upon fuel economy not performance. It has you shifting into 6th gear at 47 MPH...absurd. In summary this is not a sub compact. It's the same size as the Civic. Making it a compact. I've owned several cars including numerous BMWs, a Lexus and Jaguar. For $16,500 to $20,000, finding a better car, especially with an exceptional 6 speed manual, will be virtually impossible.Have now owned this car for seven months and am still impressed. A few positive updates. I have gotten 48 miles per gallon on the highway.The car's performance continues to impress me. It isn't slow and if you have the manual and downshift when it makes sense, it's not slow on hills or on highways.I have one legitimate concern that potential buyers must consider. The tire size on this car is 185 60r 16. There is only one tire made in this size in the US. It's a Toyo. The tire is average, at best, and finding a replacement other than from a higher priced Toyota dealer is a challenge. In fact, only one of some 15+ tire retailers carry this tire, Tire rack. They charge $101 for the tire plus shipping. Toyota dealership charge more. This fact, coupled with the fact that the car comes with a small spare, is a flaw that cannot be resolved.

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