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Trying Again With a Newer Model logo 8/13/2015 WNYFordGuy

I bought this model used in Aug 2012 after finding it on the lot before it was advertised for sale.I wanted to trade in my '04 Explorer XLT after a mechanic told me the rear differential would fail 'soon'.The '04 was a money pit and I wasn't going to spend another cent on it, despite putting a rebuilt trannyinto it at 67k miles. I'd read the '10 Explorer's reliability was much better (more like my '97 Explorer), and this vehicle, with only 23.5k on it, seemed like a steal. I've been very happy with it so far after 3 years, because... When I complained in a customer reply survey that the cheap wheel bearings used on this (needed replacement at 34.4k) and my '04 was outrageous and pushed me to look at non-Ford products, Ford reimbursed my expensesfor the repair - even though it wasn't done at a Ford dealer! I've never formally complained to Ford before,but it paid off here.As another reviewer noted, the Goodyear OEM tires have no lifespan - almost shot after only 34.4k miles. I get around 15 MPG on my winter commuting loop, though this past winter with record cold resulted in 12 MPG in February. Summer round trips average between 17-21 MPG.Favorite Features: Extremely smooth ride. Roomy interior. Love the heated seats and mirrors for cold upstate NY winters. Thank goodness for the backup sensors. Six-CD changer works/sounds great, and I really like the steering-mounted audio system controls. I really like the Sirius satellite radio, too. My wife loves the dual-zone A/C.Suggested Improvements: I don't even bother to use the SYNC package. I think I will no longer buy upper-endtrim lines in vehicles because I'm sick of paying for options/features I don't want/need.Plugging my iPod into the sound system without SYNC works fine for me. The headrests, and the seatingposition they forced, took some time to get used to, and the blind spots they create are enormous. I learned that if I adjusted the side-view mirrors much wider than usual, it helped.

Average Rating : 4


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