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Twelve thousand miles and in the shop again. logo 4/1/2015 bmw_girl2

My 328d now has roughly 12k miles on it now, and as I type this the car is sitting at the BMW dealer with the techs trying to figure out what's wrong with it. Basically, they don't know for sure and they've reached out to senior engineers at BMW for answers. To date they have fixed a squeaky dash that was missing a clip from the factory. They have removed a stink bug from inside the right tail light (A common problem with bugs getting in it seems). They gave the car back without repairs for an engine idle problem at stoplights, saying they couldn't reproduce it. The engine acts like it wants to shut off and shakes the whole car. I video'd the tach jumping around and gave it back again.

Favorite Feature : It's an overall attractive car with excellent fuel mileage. We drove the car from the east coast to the west coast and couldn't use a complete tank of fuel before getting too tired to drive any further; sometimes up to 600 miles per day. On the plains it was getting nearly 50 mpg.It was sure-footed at 10,000 feet in the Rockies with snow and ice on the roads.A boxed 55" Sony TV slides in the trunk with the seats down.

Suggested Improvement : The nav system is a total abomination. It's frequently wrong and hard to input information into, as well as just plain complicated to use. Of course it seems we can pay to update the maps.The stereo is unimpressive and every time we switch to the external bluetooth for our Samsung phone it begins to play a song stored in the phone, all on its own.It's a disaster putting diesel in this car without having it run down the side of the rear fender when, and IF, the pump cuts off.The front seat lumbar supports should be standard for what these cars cost. I wouldn't buy another one without them, and seriously wish ours had it.A folding center headrest for the rear seat.

Average Rating : 3.5


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