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Two Years -- No Gas logo 5/23/2015 hizonr

I have had my 2014 Leaf SV for two years and have put 11,780 miles on it. My wife is the primary driver and "loves it." We easily beat EPA ratings spring to fall; mileage drops off in the winter. We usually drive in the "ECO" mode, which provides adequate acceleration for local driving. The car is roomy and comfortable with good visibility all around. It handles well and has a very short turning radius. We charge it overnight on 110 voltage. We didn't get leather, because we didn't want a black interior in South Carolina. I wish it had memory seats and light leather. The physical finish and quality of the car are more like a $22,000 car than a $32,000 car. That is its only drawback. I recently took it in for its two-year battery check. While there, the intelligent brake control was reprogrammed under a recall. Now the car doesn't always decelerate when I take my foot off the accelerator, even when in the "B" setting. I will be contacting the dealer about this issue.

Average Rating : 4


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