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Unbelievable car! But beware... logo 3/10/2015 Justin Houston

I know the title of my review will give people pause, but fear not. I've had my GTI for a little over a week. When I first drove it home, the ride was bone-rattling hard and bouncy and the car sat really high in the front. Huge gaps between the front wheels and fenders. Turns out that the dealer forgot to remove the transport blocks from the front struts during the PDI. It takes about 5 minutes to remove them yourself and it's easy. Now I love the car. It rides and drives so nice. Reminds me of my Audi(sniffle). Great power without being too much. Can't say enough about this car. Would've paid 10K more and it STILL would've been a great value for the $$$.

Favorite Feature : Perfect amount of power, great ride control (you don't even need to add the "for a front-wheel-drive car" qualifier). It rides, drives, and handles well for ANY car. Interior lacks a little imaginative design, but quality is second-to-none. LOVE the LED ambient lighting in the doors and footwells (especially the red stripes). Nice touch. This car posseses one of the best transmission/engine combos on the planet.

Suggested Improvement : Please please PLEASE can I have plaid seats AND a sunroof? VW's option packaging is just an absolute travesty for this one reason. I opted for the seats over the sunroof. I figure that's one less thing to fix anyways.

Average Rating : 4.75


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