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Unbelievable logo 7/27/2015 John

I am 61 years old. I've driven hundreds of cars and worked as a race car engineer, and also worked at dealerships and never, never in all that time have I come across a car with so many design faults and poor quality components. The many forums tell the story. Bottom line is that Mercedes tried to reinvent the wheel at every phase of the design in general, but especially with the electrics. The SAM system is a joke. The seat adjusting components, another joke. In fact any of the electrical systems not associated with the engine (except the stupid oil level sensor instead of dipstick!) are a joke. I would love to meet the chief electronics design engineer of these vehicles.Update: They get worse with age, Mercedes should be forced to buy them all back. (Rear view mirror fell to pieces, dash display disappeared, speedo and RPM gauges showed 6000 rpm and 120 mph while sitting in traffic, high beam stopped working, window washer stopped working, turn signals do not stay on, hazard signal stopped working etc. etc!)

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