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underwhelmed logo 4/29/2016 William L.

Rented QX-80.....this site doesn't allow for extrapolation of review much, only give Poor/or/Great options. Drove 300 + miles in Colorado during rain and some snow...never used 4wd. Controls are not easily figured out, Power is strong with V8 but at top end is sketchy motor feel....might be Xmission...I suspect 5 or 6 speed transmission is troubling tech for Nissan as it had to search and kick up and down during hills inexplicably...Not a smooth acceleration during passing very often...more times than not had double shift on transmission during acceleration. Handles well...went thru Garden of Gods at low speed and, (for a big boat of a vehicle), it handled good. Nav/Camera/entertainment on one screen/Does turn off if you wish. Map would not get rid of mileage info..(maybe not enuf time to find right control ?), so it was less than useful. Entertainment system controls are NOT intuitive and took some getting used to. Very comfortable and handles 6 well. I would rent again, but Never buy...for 65K-70K I have higher expectations from a vehicle.

Average Rating : 2


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