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Unfit Fit. Done with Honda brand. logo 3/10/2015 mazdafun

HVAC issues since I bought it in mid-June 2014. Dealer couldn't fix it after 3 attempts and continued musty, moldy emissions cause severe health symptoms, so I have filed a Lemon Law claim through Honda's arbitrator.Front seats are the worst I've had in a vehicle. Sit in them for at least 40-45 minutes to confirm they work for you. My test drives were too short to make this apparent. The pain kind of sneaks up on you.The positives (which are many) don't outweigh the horrible mold allergy symptoms I've had. American Honda has been unresponsive and the dealer has been barely supportive.

Favorite Feature : Cargo versatility, outward visibility, fuel economy (though competitors are coming swiftly), actual volume knob on LX trim head unit.

Suggested Improvement : Build quality. Lots of issues with cars coming from new Celaya, Mexico plant; not just with my unit.Honesty. Theft of parts off cars on transport trains that were highjacked. Parts were replaced when cars reached US ports. These cars should not have been sold as new, but they likely were. I think mine was one as there was dirt on factory speakers when I upgraded to aftermarket ones, and a couple of interior and exterior trim pieces were not fully snapped into place and either had a huge gap or came off in my hand too easily.Customer service. American Honda has been unresponsive to my HVAC complaints. Dealership provided service record copies, but back Honda, not the customer.

Average Rating : 1.75


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