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Unpredictable acceleration, uneven stops logo 4/26/2016 FotG

There is very little consistency from where you put the pedal and how the car accelerates. The standard transmission mode is the most consistent and the most driveable. The sport mode is so wildly unpredictable that it's pretty much unusable. Sometime the car takes off like a rocket, and some times there is a 2-3 second delay before anything happens. The braking is uneven and when between 30 and 40 miles per hour there is a sudden decrease in acceleration force and the brake pedal has to be pressed much harder. The transmission is too aggressive at shifting up to higher gears making it hard to maintain a constant speed. I read the reviews of this car and saw it was a love it or hate it kind of car, but I was not expecting it to be so unpredictable. Strangely enough, nearly all of these problems go away if you shift manually, but it also disables EV mode. Software in the car seems rough around the edges and as if it was rushed to production. They are typically small problems but they get annoying after awhile. Ex: dash screen and top screen remember what you last set them to, bottom screen doesn't. Won't remember your selected drive mode. One thing I do like is the direct adaptive steering. But only in the heavy/quick mode. The standard mode gets twitchy when making quick left then right turns (such as an apartment parking lot).The bottom line, I would not buy this car again, acceleration and braking are too unpredictable, which are consistent with a surprisingly high amount of car reviews. I didn't notice any of these issues in the test drive. My advice is get a weekend demo if you are looking into this car.

Average Rating : 2


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