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UNRELIABLE DANGEROUS CAR FOR A CHILD!!!! logo 5/4/2015 kat9478

I purchased this car for my 18 year old daughter. Less than a year after owning it, the ESC light is on, the Power steering light, the ABS and Traction Control lights are on. Everything that was recalled on other Malibu's is wrong with this car. Chevy claims it is not part of the recalled cars, even with the same problems. In the meantime, this car is scheduled for service to repair everything wrong with it, and after that, I'm trading it in on something more reliable. This car is dangerous, and if you are thinking about purchasing it for a child, RUN, don't walk away and purchase a different one.

Favorite Feature : Cabin design is great, roomy and comfortable.

Suggested Improvement : Do a broader recall, or buy theses deathtraps back!

Average Rating : 2.125


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