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Unreliable - Expect Major Repairs Every 15K or So logo 8/15/2016 Todd

I have had several reliability issues with my 2011 Audi Q5 over the years, including: (1) Excessive oil consumption eventually leading to the replacement of engine pistons and rings (which Audi covered, thankfully), (2) Multiple mechanical and electrical issues that have prevented the vehicle from either starting or driving, requiring the vehicle to be towed multiple times, along with multiple (and very expensive) repairs from the Audi dealerships. Seriously, it seems like every 6-12 months another random issue pops up that renders the vehicle undriveable. I hold my breath each time I start it just waiting for the next warning light and four-figure Audi bill. Also worth mentioning that the jack is much too small for the vehicle and the spare tire is deflated (note the jack slipped when I was changing the tire in 2014 and crushed my left hand, leading to a trip to the ER and physical therapy; it remains sore and swollen to this day).

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