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Unreliable Slug logo 9/2/2015 Wakes

I purchased my Evoque new in February 2015. Since the vehicle was purchased it has had a software update (at 1200 miles) for the transmission to improve performance. Then the check engine light came on at approximately 2K miles. Turned out to be a faulty sensor that took several days to repair, due to part being unavailable. On August 1st, while in traffic the transmission froze up and the vehicle rapidly decelerated with the dashboard warning indicating "Gear Box Failure", resulting in the vehicle being towed. Land Rover corporate claims they have since resolved the problem with another software update, however I have not had the opportunity to drive the car yet-33 days later. While the dealership was addressing another issue- freeze up problem with the touch screen interface; the computer module blew out. After 33 days the part has finally come in. The transmission on this vehicle is very sluggish in the lower gears, and power is very limited from a stop position, which makes pulling out into traffic a challenge. I really would love to recommend this vehicle, but the amount of problems and poor transmission and acceleration make this a poor and hazardous vehicle to own. It does get good mileage, when working. I have never experienced a new vehicle with so many issues in such a short period. Land Rover Corporate's attitude has been less than overwhelming. Extremely disappointed in the vehicle and the corporation.

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