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Unreliable vehicle logo 12/8/2016 silver

I bought this gorgeous, classy, luxurious and very expensive 2016 Cadillac Platinum top of the line Caddy. After five months and 6000 miles it is sitting in my garage unused waiting to be traded in at a major loss. Serious maintenance problems include a complete loss of power overnight while sitting in the garage. Roadside service had problems starting it with his power pack and finally had to jump start it with an old personal truck that he used. The dealer service department could not find a fault after keeping the car overnight to trace the battery drain. A few days later while on a local drive, the transmission failed! It would not move forward or reverse. The beautiful car sat on the side of the road until road service showed up to tow it to the dealership. The dealer determined parts were needed to repair it and it took almost a week to get it repaired. The transmission is now shifting rough but dealer test shows no fault. Being an elderly owner, I have lost all confidence in the vehicle and do not dare drive it on long trips. I am now using my wife's reliable Honda CRV for long trips. Very embarrassing to tell friends, family and neighbors why this beautiful vehicle sits in the garage unused. Buyers must heed the below average consumer reliability ratings for Cadillac. Beware.

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