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Unsafe and terrible customer service logo 7/10/2016 Marina

I've been leasing this car for about 2 months and the brand new car shut off on me randomly twice! First time it shut off I had to pick my toddler up from daycare that is 40 min away and they told me they will come in about an hour and half to tow my car and they will not give me a loaner or anything g to replace the vehicle while being looked at while my toddlers school closed and they are waiting for me to grab him I kept trying to start the car in a panic and 2 hours later befornethentow trick got to me the car started and I rushed to get him. The next day took the car to get looked at at Paramus Hyundai service center and spent the whole day there with my baby for them to tell me my car is fine and told me I gotta go that they are closing, meanwhile I tell them I do not feel safe driving with my baby in a car that shuts off with no warnings in middle of the road and I want a loaner and this car looked at more to find the problem they said no and that's not their problem. Following week sure enough the car shuts off again at 8pm in middle of the road with my dogs and baby in the car and this time it never went back on, cops stopped the traffic moved the car off road and when I called the sos they told me they cannot tow the car because the service center is closed and they can't get permission to part the car there... So we walked home from that area about a 15-20 min walk at around 10pm I had to drag the baby back with me early morning to tow the car and sit at the crevice center all day with my poor son crying and eventually that place brought me to tears, having me there all day not tellin me anything till the very end of the day giving me a lot of problems about giving me a loaner car and only "pulling some string and giving me a car seeing that I'm stuck there with a fed up toddler. No one helping me no one cared the first time it broke, now I do not feel safe in this car I also want money back from the time I spent without a working car I pay so much money for for for my time lost sitting on the phone and being transferred from person to person to tell me they cannot help me, calling corporate for them to transfer me from person to person for an hour me explains my issues over and over again to different people for them to tell me someone will call me that can help me in 3-5 business days!!! Are they crazy?! I don't want this car I don't want to deal with anyone from Hyundai anymore!!!!!! I'm fed up my family is fed up I have never had so many problems with a car or with customer service as I do with this Hyundai Tucson limited! I'm disgusted with the way I have bk even treated and I cannot believe I'm still in this unsafe car that supposedly was fixed, a car that shuts off like this after 2 months of driving it brand new is not a safe car and is not worth $466 a month!

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