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Update on Gotta Have It? logo 7/31/2015 Donald Noveau

Yes, Gotta have it. There is a real break-in period. There are noticeable improvements in shifting smoothness ( 6 spd manual), although maybe it's me that is breaking in to the car. This car is plenty fast (for me, anyway) and a great, quiet cruiser. Just for fun, I reset the computer after getting on 95 for a trip up to NJ. With a steady 70 mph on cruise control, the consumption was an average of 43 mpg over approx. 100 miles. Granted, that is purely just a 70 mph cruise with no stopping or much accelerating, except for tolls and pit stops, but it is an eye-opener when you look at that display. Around the suburban area where I live, the mileage hovers around 30 mpg. My usual drive mode is 1st, 2nd, 3rd, then 6th gears, revving to about 3000-3500 in 1st and 2nd. Not exactly a feather foot.

Average Rating : 5


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