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update on the Prius logo 7/26/2015 Douglas Lower

I received the Prius back from the dealership. The freezed screen has been repaired. Panasonic came up with an updated version within 2 weeks and had it to the dealership in record time. If you are experiencing a similar problem, the new units are ready at your dealership. I have read so many different reviews on the car and so many are inaccurate. The IIHS safety ratings are misstated in so many articles. This had top ratings in all categories including small overlap testing. Safety is my priority. Now addressing steering feel and handling, I do not like feeling the road . I want relaxed comfort, this delivers. I do not want to feel every pebble through the steering wheel. The handling is very safe, this is not a race car. If you want to feel everything look elsewhere, there are plenty of cars out there that they have ruined their comfort for hard handling. This vehicles mission is for economical, roomy ,comfortable transportation. Another review stated the Nav screen was very small, It is if you have the screen split. All you have to do is tap on the side of the screen that is displaying the Nav and it will expand to full screen mode. As for reviews saying the interior looked cheap, I went for the multi-colored ash interior with striped seats, it is very attractive. In the different reviews I noticed they had black interiors, I found them depressing in black, They also offer a nice bisque if you get a 4 or 5 model. This site does not properly list the star ratings .

Average Rating : 5


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