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Update; September 2015 of my 2010 initial review. logo 9/8/2015 Billy Rockfish

If you can find a good used Ford Ranger of this vintage, buy it. The only non-maintenance item that ever gave me trouble was the fuel pump. It quit at around 38K. Ford replaced it under warranty (Honolulu Ford); no questions; no cost. Truck is getting ready to turn 70K. I have the 2.3 Litre DOHC four with the 5-speed automatic (drop down menu does not let me select automatic). Did my 60K servicing at 57K; replaced the Continentals with Firestone Discovery tires (better quality); brake job done at 63K (amazing since I drive in the City and County of Honolulu which is well known for having heavy traffic). Replaced the Ford stock shocks with Monroe-Matics. Still a stiff and jounce-bouncey ride, but after all - it IS a truck! A/C still blows ice cold and I am VERY PLEASED with this little truck. I will keep this forever as most people out here keep their Rangers for many miles and many years. Impossible to find a used Ranger on Oahu; there are some in lots on Maui. A drunk driver plowed into my Ranger and it was almost totaled, however an expert body shop (approved by my insurer) did a good job on the repair and is very much roadable with no degradation in driveability or safety. This '10 Ford Ranger is one of the best vehicles I've ever owned and last Sunday (9/6/15), I got the best economy ever with 30.5 mpg. Great truck !!

Average Rating : 5


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