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Update to original review logo 4/6/2015 erichards

Just wanted to update my original review & revise some of the ratings (which you can't do to the original review for some reason). In the original review (@29k miles) I said the only issues were the lower-than-expected mileage, and the brake rotors that were starting to glaze. Now with 64k miles on the car (in 25 months) I can report that aside from those things the car has been perfect. I just replaced the brake pads at 63k miles, and am about to put a new set of tires on at 64k. The mileage continues to average 27-28 mpg, although I have experienced outstanding (36-37 mpg) mileage on a few long highway trips (I got 625 miles out of one tank of gas in one instance). Overall very satisfied.

Favorite Feature : Comfortable, great mileage on highway trips, reliability has been perfect thus far (knocking wood).

Suggested Improvement : Change supplier for brake rotors, eliminate low-speed whistling from p/s pump/lines. I would say improve real-world gas mileage, but I have learned that the way they test for EPA mileage is not really the way most of us drive.

Average Rating : 4


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