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UPDATE logo 3/13/2015 jacknhill

As an add-on to the first opinion I wrote of the 2015 RAV4:Initially I was slightly disappointed with MPG's and realized the extreme cold temps. in the NE USA were the reason.A recent road trip produced Identical MPG's as a traded-in '13 CRV:62 MPH= 34 MPG69 MPH= 30 MPG74 MPH= 28.5 MPG79 MPH= 27.6 MPGW/cruise control over 200+ miles at each speed.MPG was identical to the CRV.The RAV4 is 150 lbs. heavier too.RAV4 also fits more cargo as the wheel wells inside the back are 44"apart.The rear seats also fold down completely level,unlike CRV.Driving in city, Sport mode is a must to shift smoother.The 6 speed manual/auto is a ++. Michelins grab the road in cornering,big +++.

Favorite Feature : Entune audio is super clear.Blue-toothe connects automatically(after one-time pairing) to an I-phone 6(or any paired device)in my jacket pocket as I get in the car.Do not have to program 'voice commands' to dial phone#'s unlike the CRV that needs each phone# punched in & 'voice'tagged.Current traffic conditons is accurate to my surprise.The complaints i've seen about 'Dumb-tune' audio/phone system,IMO, its not the case.Its impressive/user friendly.RAV4 has more potential USB ports due to two 12v ports(for multi-USB port connectors)& 1 USB direct to the cars sytem.Touchscreen is awesome.Sun-roof is nice touch.The sound the doors make when closing w/windows open is SOLID,not rickety,like CRV.

Suggested Improvement : More places to put things in the driver's reach,the CRV has a small leg up on it there.Rear camera is lower on dash than CRV.RAV4 could have an improved 'Maintenance Minder' like the CRV that states when to service specific items in the car rather than wait for the idiot light on the dash or use the miles driven/conditions approach like Toyota.This could save CA$H for un-necessary service.RAV4 rides smoother,& gets exact MPG as CRV.RAV4 audio is better, though can depend on trim level. So, which is a better vehicle? see how long it lasts?Price paid?Toss up? Both have identical 3yr/36 B2B warranty with 5yr/60K power train.Wifey likes the RAV4 better so.....that settles that 4 me.

Average Rating : 4.25


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