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Updated REVIEW-7/18/2017 logo 7/6/2016 Brenda

I have owned this van for 4 years. About a year into owning the van the engine light would come on. A day or two later it would go off. As the years have gone on if the van idles too long the next time I go to start it it won't start. Now it just decides when it wants to start. It's a computer problem with a cost of over $1000. Other friends that have this van have the exact same problem. One fixed it and it still has the same issue. I don't recommend this van at all! I'm looking to get rid of this one and go back to a Chevy product. ***UPDATE...Still will never purchase another Chrysler product. It's to the point during the summer that I can't even run my A/C otherwise the van won't start. I've taken it to numerous mechanics and no one can seem to find the problem. I've contacted Chrysler and they can't seem to help either. This van is nothing but a joke. I'll have to keep it a few more years due to having teenagers now driving but as soon as I can get rid of it I WILL!!! I'll go back to Chevy. I just if you're looking for a van find a Chevy or Ford product! *****UPDATE 7/18/2017- This van just kept getting worse. I could drive it then would have to let it sit for atleast 45 minutes before it would restart. Each mechanic told me something different including dealerships that "could possibly" be wrong with the van. I decided that if I was going to for out hundreds to thousands of dollars I'd rather put that towards another vehicle. So a month ago I traded my piece of crap chrysler van in for a Chevy Equinox in which I LOVE. When people ask how I like the Equinox I say I LOVE starts, I can run the A/C plus I have a fob that actually works! I'll NEVER go back to a Chrysler product.

Average Rating : 2


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