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**Update at the end of review**I bought this 2.5T Front Wheel Drive Volvo as a pre-owned, non warranty vehicle form an independent car lot in 2006. I had never owned a preowned vehicle before, I always bought/leased new cars before. But when I stumbled upon this car I fell in love and was willing to take a chance. Nine years on I am still in love with this car. It has not been without the odd issue:- when I first had it, the driver side headlight would randomly go out. I took it to a few garages and they didn't have a clue. I found an independent garage opened by a Volvo Certified Master Tech and he sorted it out right away (nearest Volvo dealership is over 2 hours from me)- the radio died in 2011 (it was 7 years old) but I was able to replace it with one found from a salvaged xc90 in 2012 and saved a lot of money by waiting for a salvaged radio vs. a new replacement ($80 + installation)- In 2014 (at 10 years old) we knew that there were some significant bits that needed to be replaced simply due to wear and tear - belts, water pump, blower fan was starting to go and the starter needed replacing. Thought about selling it but we had a rash of bad luck with BMWs and even a Porshe Cayman. My XC90 was still running great and the estimate to get all of the worn out pieces replaced was far far cheaper than getting another car. We even bought some new floor mats - no one believes this car is 11 years old. It rides and looks like a much newer car. So here I am, 9 years after I bought it and still love it. The driver's seat is getting a bit worn but the rest of the car is still in amazing shape. The fabric on the roof has a bit of a droop in a place behind the backseat light and the weatherstripping is a bit worse for wear but these are all cosmetic. Mechanically it drives as beautifully as the day I bought it. Next year I'm probably going to look at getting a pre-owned XC60 or maybe another XC90 but I'm keeping this 2004 for my daughter. She doesn't start driving for another few years but I have full faith that this car has many more years left. And I'll feel a lot safer with her in the XC90.*Update:Edmunds asked me to update my review; I've now owned the car ten years and I'm still happy. All is well apart from the 6 disk CD changer; it's gone on the fritz and will only play disks inserted into slot 3. But was an $80 replacement from a salvaged XC90. We have a Volvo iPod adapter and rarely use the CD player anyway. I know in my old review I stated I would probably replace this car this year with a newer model but it's just not on my agenda at the moment. Maybe next year... ;)

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