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Updated Review logo 8/22/2015 david

Have a little over 11k miles now. bought bridgestone Blizzak tires just for winter and glad. Had huge snow and I used Volvo to make tracks night beforeI had to go to work as it snowed all night an kept it up all day. LOL no trouble car went right through and I was only one to make it to work period. Had to stay and worked day shift eve shift and mid shift, well that paid for my tires lol. Man those are good tires and not real noisy and on a trip they wouldgo around corners fast and great, surprised me. If gas gets low car comes up with like 10 of the close gas stations in relation to my car, Nice. Not oneissue of any kind so far. I like it a lot and AWD works fantastic and if want I can shift down with the shuttle shift and put in like second gear for bad areasof snow in my 200 plus yard driveway that's in woods and goes down hill over stream and back up hill it did fantastic with not one time did I hear a tire spin. So I'm impressed i guess Switzerland knows a bit about snow. Saw a video where they race in it and in woodland setting, lol. They use a narrow type tire, I guess it gets down deeper in the snow for better traction. I have free oil change every 10k miles but I will get it done every 5k miles.Just me but I want it to get at least 350000 miles on it. I peeked in when the Volvo dealer was doing oil and man was spraying the unused oil funnelwith some kind of clear looking stuff. Its so clean in there also. Never seen that before. I think he was cleaning the funnel? Well no issues at all here with my XC-60 AWD VOLVO MAJIC BLUE 5 CYL GAS.

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