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Updated STILL- BEST Hardtop Convertible for the $! logo 8/19/2015 Steve

My wife and I just turned 33,000 miles. You want great looks? You want great handling? You want great reliability? It's a beautiful automobile!Well trimmed inside. Quality all the way. Rides very solid with no 'shakes', no jitters, no rattles!Great gas mileage...and a fun car to drive!I looked at and test drove all of the competitors that produced brand new hardtop convertibles...this was the overall best! the same and see if you disagree.Mercedes, Infiniti, BMW, Volvo, (Chrysler-was not even worth what you would pay for it is REAL CHEAP), were all compared...(Mazda & Mini-Copper-too small, VW & Jaguar-no hardtop at that time).

Average Rating : 5


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