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upgrade from the civic hybrid logo 7/10/2015 steve

Once my civic hit 99k I decided it was time to upgrade comfort, power and size. When I saw the mileage ratings of 45/50 and read the reviews I was hooked. I purchased the car about 6 months ago and have driven 21K miles. AVG mpg since the start is 38.5. OK, I realize I drive a little faster than most (75 avg on hwy) and I also realize that I purchased the car in the dead of winter (which I am told will adversely affect mileage), but 10mpg under??. The ride is great, the comfort is great and overall I am happy with the vehicle. Is the car worth the extra money to upgrade to the hybrid?, not unless you keep it for 500,000 plus miles. Also I am having a couple of issues. 1 - There are about 25 paint chip marks on the very front of the hood, I never had this with any vehicle I have purchased (this is my 12th new purchase). 2 - There is a knocking sound on the passenger side when starting out or stopping that has been there from day 1, it almost sounds like a spring popping. I mentioned it when I was in for an oil change at the dealer but was told a mechanic was not available. So, I just made an appointment a week from now so we will see.

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