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upset logo 3/7/2015 nosake

When I first saw this Mazda 3 in red on the dealership lot, I knew I'd own it. My first Mazda. I had been looking for an affordable, efficient car for about two years.


Favorite Feature : The Mazda 3 boasted 38mpg, the interior space was adequate for my use, and the drop-dead gorgeous color and redesign drew attention from everyone I knew.So, what's not to like?

Suggested Improvement : Number 1 gripe is the height of the wrap-around front bumper. I scraped it the first day I owned it. The perpendicular curb is supposed to signal where you should stop when the tires hit it, not the car bumper. As careful as I've been since, the front end is a collection of scrapes and dents which dovetail with problem number 2: paint. I paid extra for the color and its finish and have had nothing but problems. I treat my vehicles well with washing, waxing, etc., so when water marks stood out within the first six months, the dealer told me to take an electric buffer to the paint. Set at it's slowest speed, my new DeWalt buffer burned the paint off that very same bumper.

Average Rating : 3.25


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