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Used to be a VW fan logo 4/27/2016 Fran G

With minimal care these Corolla's easily reach 200,000 plus miles My third and forth Corolla's are in the driveway a 2004 and a 2015 both 5 speeds CE models.The 2004 has 179,000 miles on it now and the 2015 has less then 10,000. Maintenance has been done faithfully by me according to Toyota's schedule. The only additional money spent on repairs has been as follows: 1 AC clutch relay, 1 set of rear axle bearings, I have put a new water pump and alternator brushes in at 160,000 didn't fail I just do my own preventive maintenance. Total extra cost was less then $100 dollars. The plastic like others say are failing on unimportant things. However the economy , reliability, and performance are the same as the day it was new. The front end is still tight, the clutch grabs like the day it was new and it starts first time every time six or more times a day seven days a week since November 2003. Thank you Toyota. To be fair the rear axle bearing failed because I used the car as a pickup truck and hauled 1000 lbs of tile from store to home. I fix my own stuff so it was just was a lesson learned.

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