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Using Oil ! logo 3/12/2015 vablue1

Disappointed with purchase of new Subaru 2014 Forester. I have had this car only 1 year, purchasing from local dealer. The vehicle is using oil between oil changes as other consumers note. The last occurrence was returning from out of town in the rain after midnight - light comes on - we are miles from anything open to purchase a quart of oil. Finally get to a 24/7 station, check oil - it is almost below oil stick!!!! This is 2,000 miles before the vehicle is due for another oil change!!!!!!!! Quite annoyed. Will see what Subaru does to correct this problem. So sorry I did not keep my Honda Odyssey Van, mileage 230,000, which never had oil burning issues, even with high mileage.

Favorite Feature : Reliable in snow and ice. Fuel efficient (avg 26 mpg). Love large moon roof.

Suggested Improvement : Fix oil consumption problem.Irritating rattle on dashboard.Left speaker crackles.Hesitation in acceleration on occasion.

Average Rating : 3.875


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