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Utility in disguise logo 9/7/2015 Greg Kaufmann

new tranny at 160000 miles, after I had a private shop put in a new filter. I had been changing the tranny fluid every 20K miles, and should have never let that guy work on it, He didn't even tighten the pan bolts all the way, and it was leaking fluid and then the filter disintegrated and plugged the pump and it blew. The front speakers wore out, the fan relay behind the glove box wore out (thirty bucks) I've gotten through wet slush runs that stop suv's. We've been skiing every weekend in the winters, the 3.8 gets us up the hills. I do put it in 3rd so it doesn't keep trying to hit overdrive. We have abused this rig pretty hard in deep snow many times, and it just keeps trudging along. Have fit a 10 foot by 4 foot couch in the back with the door closed, and plenty of plywood. Traction is great, there are many times when I should have had chains, but never used them. Everything is pretty utility, nothing too fancy. I mostly travel without the seats, they are easy to remove and put back in. If going 57 mph I have gotten up to 28mpg, but average about 21 most of the time. When the breaks wore out at 160000 they replaced the calipers and everything as they said they can not reliably reseat the ceramic calipers that was 1000 bucks.

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