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V6 still powerful logo 5/7/2015 wkeogh

165,000 on this car. Only problem has been replacing the sunroof motor. Recall for the auto seat belts (free). Have taken this car on the track at high speed and also auto-crossed it. She loves being on 3 wheels!! I upgraded to sports shocks, improved brake rotors and performance brake pads. The small V-6 seems to be bullet proof. Great car! I'm going to re-paint her finally, after 24 years

Favorite Feature : Great handling, good torque from motor.Also, switched to synthetic tranny fluid and it shifts like butter. Very smooth tranny!!

Suggested Improvement : Improvement on waterproofing the marker/turn signal lights. I've blown quite a few bulbs over the years until I added some RTV.

Average Rating : 4.625


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