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Value for your $$ logo 6/15/2016 Bill C.

I bought the Jeep Patriot sport se 4x4 model. I traded in my 2011 Grand Cherokee that had 140,000 miles on it. The fact that I can drive a 4x4 suv worry free from repair costs, is quite comforting. As I was still making payments on Grand Cherokee and repairs would come out of my pocket. Now as for the patriot, it ain't no Cherokee, but its not intended to be! Overall I'm impressed with this package on the patriot, the extra attention to details, heated seats, trim accents, etc. Ride quality is good, tolerable road noise, front seats excellent, easy to park, perfect vehicle to zip around town in. A few nit picks I do have is, the lower entrance height, and the lower height of roof area when back hatch is lifted up. I tend to smack my head on these as I'm 6ft tall. Just need to get used to it and be careful. The only real problem I have so far is the absurd location of the usb port. It's not on the radio, not even in center console area, its in the GLOVEBOX! Really?!Its almost impossible to find, even in there. The dealer couldn't even locate it. It is above the opening of the glovebox, up into the dash area. You need to blindly reach up and feel around for it. I have no clue how this is a useful spot to mount this. To use it, you need to drive around with glovebox open and place phone either in glovebox or above on small shelf built into dash. Horrible design on this! This will be my 3rd Jeep and I hope to get years and years of use from it.

Average Rating : 4


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