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Versatile Reliability logo 6/27/2015 toyotauser2

I recently purchased a 2015 Toyota Venza after searching in its class and comparing it to the Nissan Murano, Subaru Forester & Outback and finally the Honda CRV. I first considered 4 cylinders against 6. I went with 6 as I have driven fours since my twenties I'm now middle aged. I found value wise the cars mentioned with the exception of the Murano to be all in the same price range equipped with leather, nav and 8 speaker stereo no accessories. I test drove all and found the Venza to have the most comfortable ride. Crossover suv milage is comparable between models in V6. It has a Toyota Camry engine which lets me sleep nights. I find it fits my needs more car than truck.

Favorite Feature : My model came equipped with leather heated front seats. A really nice comfortable suspension. 20inch rims standard. V6 AWD model I bought the roof rails and crossbars, paint protection and alarm system I'm a city dweller as well as the key finder. I chose the Barcelona Red Metallic color it makes the car a bit more sexy than that toyota silver. Its too early to tell what the performance of the vehicle is milage wise yet as its still brand new to me, but as my friend said when I showed it to him, (smiling) "Hey its a Toyota, you'll always get where you're going". I have to say my favorite feature is the comfy ride which is important to me. I had a 2010 Rav 4 that is not comfy at all.

Suggested Improvement : Improvements I would add would be storage systems built into the car not as accessories which is currently available. Since the car is a crossover suv/ wagon , I would include the roof rails and crossbars as standard because if you are planning on using this as a utility vehicle you'll want to purchase some kind of roof rack or turtle shell storage compartment for the top. Passenger comfort was the chief concern when designing this vehicle not storage space. This car seats 4 six foot and over males comfortably or 5 slender tall folks totally. It will also fit a medium sized dog in the tail gate area. I'm happy with mine so far.

Average Rating : 4.875


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