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Very cool car but in the end UNIMPRESSIVE logo 7/28/2015 Big Daddy WC

The Good: Huge interior. I am 6'3" and have plenty of headroom. Legroom for the driver is average. Front Seat passenger legroom is good. You can lay the back seats down and haul a bunch. Peppy engine and sound system is good. Handles really well. Toyota Camry engine so it is a reliable engine.The Bad: - The seats. Horrible. Arm rest for the driver is way to low and slender. Worthless. The passenger arm rest is... wait, there is NO armrest. Really?? Only 1 power adapter in the entire vehicle. The center console is tiny, too low and pretty much useless. The trim is cheap. The weather stripping on the driver's side window lost its felt (or whatever it is) and the window bound up on the stripping when lowering it. Car Max extended warranty would not cover. Had to take a razor and cut it out, else spend $500 for a new door panel. The ride is horrible. You feel every bump. If you are just using this for a trip here and there around town or for short commutes then it is ok. I am using for a daily commute and it is abysmal. There really is no intermittent wiper. The intermittent setting can't be adjusted so it is just a lower low setting. There is a horrible blind spot on the passenger side when backing out of parking spaces. The fenders, hood, etc will dent if a leaf falls on it. I barely leaned up against it and accidentally dented it. Overall: If you want a car for short commutes or a safe car for teen drivers then this is it. Otherwise buy a Camry or Corolla.

Average Rating : 3


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