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Very Disappointing logo 7/7/2016 Michael

I was one of the first buyers of the Q50 at the end of 2013 and I bought it because I wanted a sedan and loved the styling. There are several problems with the Q50 but first, the things I like. I definitely have felt safe in the car despite having to have it towed (only once) because the steering started to click it couldn't seem to find it's feet. This only happened once and Infiniti fixed it and paid for the tow. It's a solid car. However, it rides rough, it's noisey, and the worst part is that display/navigation is very unresponsive. It's incredibly annoying to push on the screen and taking as long as 10 seconds to accept the response. I've had the car now for 3 1/2 years and Infiniti has yet to correct this. Whoever designed where the USB port was put must have been a contortionist because it's almost useless. The navigation is stupid and not at all intuitive. Additionally, for the life of me, I cannot understand why I can't make "Eco-Drive" the default??? You always have to start in "Standard" mode. I believe the Q70 drives better and will consider it when my lease is up but unless I were to get a screaming deal, I probably would move on to another brand.

Average Rating : 2


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