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Very dissapointed logo 8/6/2015 Chris

Where do I start, mmmmmm. All 4 wheel bearings went bad before 90,0000. Sunroof was designed to let water in, I think. Well it had to be as bad as it leaks. Fans don't work so car overheated. Stereo would not work from steering wheel controls. Gas gauge goes from 3/4 full to empty in a second and then the car died, TWICE. The good news about that is that it only happens when it is 20 below or colder, so it has that going for it. Seriously. I have worked in the car industry for twenty years and I have owned many cars and this truly is the most disappointing car we have ever owned. I wanted to support Ford after they refused the bailout money. Unfortunately I will be going back to a Honda or Toyota. In my experience, these companies have given me the best value for my money. Simple as that!Back to sarcasm: All 4 wheel bearings out before 90k, really? Ford knew they were bad during testing, they had to know. So I assume they treated it as a profit center and said the heck with the buyer. Well, two can play that game, so the Heck with Ford!

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