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Very Happy Customer logo 7/1/2015 mrsblack

Came from a 2003 PT Cruiser. I just bought my 2014 Silver LT Malibu 3weeks & I love everything about it except for the start-stop engine and one small thing the base of the seat, besides those 2 small issues the car rides very smooth quite to outside noises. I have three children, so its just enough room for them in the back w/ a car seat & enough space for my 6'1 husband in the front. I love the glow light in the front interior which lights up @ night. This Malibu looks so much better than the older ones', the space, the drive, the look exterior & out. I was going 90mph & didn't realize it, that's how smooth & comfortable the ride is. Glad to be part of the Chevy fam.

Favorite Feature : The body, steering wheel, the whole front interior more so the glow night light. Beautiful car.

Suggested Improvement : The base of the front seats.

Average Rating : 4.75


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