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Very happy so far logo 4/26/2015 Jaysan Anderson

I have had my Sorento for a few months now and I still love driving it. I like the handling, the lack of road/wind noise, and all the extras that came with the LX model. Mine also came with the 3rd row seat package. The 3rd row is pretty small, but I love how the whole middle row can slide forward and back to give the 3rd row a little more room if needed. With that option, it makes having bigger people in the back a little more realistic. The 4 cylinder engine is surprisingly strong(though I haven't driven the V6) and it is enough power for most peoples needs. If price isn't a concern, obviously the V6 would be the way to go. As of now, I plan to keep buying Sorentos in the future.

Favorite Feature : I love how quiet the car is. There's a lot of wind where I live so its nice to not have to listen to it when we drive. I'm impressed with the power the 4cyl has with how heavy the SUV is. It's not a lot of power, but it's more than I thought it would be. I like how much room the Sorento has when the 3rd row is folded down. My wife and I haul lots of wood furniture and so far we've been able to fit everything we've hauled.I love how versatile the Sorento is. The 3rd row seats can be folded down individually and the 2nd row is very versatile as well...way better than just the normal 60/40 split seats. And like I mentioned before, the 2nd row slides forward and back.

Suggested Improvement : The UVO system has a lot to it and when it's working, its really nice. This may just be my experience, but I've had some issues with it freezing up and not showing the names of the songs on my iphone sometimes but then showing the names other times. It just seems to act up once in a while and it can be frustrating. On the plus side, I love all the options for music and charging your devices.

Average Rating : 4.375


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