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very happy with my cherokee! logo 6/14/2015 pthomas06

This is the nicest car I've ever owned. Very reliable, comfortable, stable on roads - back roads, dirt roads, and highway. Got me through a lot of snow this past winter - even the husband was impressed with how well it handled in snow and was disappointed he couldn't play and make it slide. It looks good and can go from class to sass in no time. I now have almost 18,000 miles on it in 16 months and am very happy. No car is perfect but this beats all my previous and there have been many.

Favorite Feature : style, comfort, stability, reliable. this car has pockets and cubbys everywhere inside for all of your things, loads of leg room in the back seat for passengers -we are a tall family and are impressed by the roominess in this car, plenty of room in back for all sorts of gear. plenty of features right at your fingertips. I have a lot of fun in this car!

Suggested Improvement : maybe some sort of lock feature for the steering wheel buttons as hubby tends to palm the wheel when he makes turns and always turns on the phone by accident

Average Rating : 4.75


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